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Build Your Own... Pairs

You love to play the popular pairs card game where you have to find matching cards using your memory? Now, there is the app Build Your Own... Pairs for Windows 8. You can easily create and play your own pairs card game. Take pictures of your beloved ones or your hobby with the camera or use all your pictures from your picture library. Your ideas are endless. And with just a couple of mouse clicks, you have your very own pairs card game. Your whole family will love it.

Pictures from the game

Play Pairs with the included picture sets... Two beautiful picture set are ready to play. Build your own picture sets... Choose your picture set... Have fun playing your very own Pairs game!


  • Easily create your own pairs cards set and start playing!
  • Several board sizes from very easy to really hard.
  • Use your camera to take photos and use them in the game.
  • Use all pictures on your hard disk.
  • Crop pictures to fit perfectly for the card set.
  • Very easy to use with mouse or touch.
  • Automatically adjusts for the device orientation.
  • Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

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