First steps

Here we want to explain you the first steps for using this app.

What can you do with this Storyteller app?

The Storyteller app makes it very easy for young children to enjoy their favorite children audiobooks and serials. There are just a couple of controls in the app, so that even younger children can master the app.

If you can't hear an audiobook to the end, the app automatically remembers the position where you left off, and at this position you can continue to listen later. And the children can mark their favorite audiobooks on their own.

What are the first steps?

There is little to do before you can listen your audio books in the app.

First you have to setup the folders in which the app will search for audio books. Please use the function »Setup Folders« in the bottom app bar.

App bar method Setup Folders
You open this app bar by using the right mouse button or on touch devices by swiping your finger up, starting at the bottom border.

After the setup, you do a scan for audio books using the function »Scan Folders« in the bottom app bar. Redo the scan everytime you add new audio books.
App bar method Scan Folders

The rules for folders and files

The folder scan only detects audio books when they conform to the following rules:

1. Use a subfolder for every group or serial of audio books.

2. If the filename starts with a number and a dot, this will become the episode number.

3. Every audio book file must contain a cover graphic. For best results use a size of 500x500 pixels or more.

4. If the audio book consists of multiple files, create a subfolder inside of the group folder and put all files in the subfolder. The name of the folder is interpreted like the name of a single file audio book.

Listening to audio books

After you have scanned the folders, you can click on an audio book and enjoy listening to it.

Listening to an audiobook
You have two buttons for play/pause and stop. You can adjust the position by dragging the marker. The lines on the bar are printed at every 10 minutes.

With the heart you can mark an audiobook as your favorite.

Search for audio books

If you want to find one of your audiobooks, please open the bottom app bar.

Search for audio books
You can enter a search term that will be searched for in all audio books.