The new Windows 8 app for hunters and gatherers:
My Collections

Collections Logo

Do you collect anything? Are you a hunter and gatherer? Then this app is just right for you. Because here you can keep all important information and pictures about your hobby together in one app. And you can use Windows Search to search in your collections.

You can store any number of collections in this app. For each collection you can define the information or pictures that are relevant for it. To start, just click on the button New Collection to create your very own collection. You can create and edit entries in your collections from the app bar at the bottom of the screen. And that’s it, then you can enjoy your collections inside the app.

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03/24/2013 published another Windows 8 app:

Storyteller Logo

Every child loves listening to children audiobooks, and with this app, listening becomes a special experience. The Storyteller app for Windows 8 makes it very easy for young children to enjoy their favorite children audiobooks and serials.

The app uses large buttons and is optimized for the use via touch or mouse. The functions are kept simple that any child can handle it immediately. The audiobooks are displayed attractively as tiles with their covers. With one click you can set an audiobook as a favorite. And if you can't hear an audiobook to the end, the app automatically remembers the position where you left off, and at this position you can continue to listen later.

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12/19/2012 published the 1st Windows 8 app:
Build Your Own... Pairs

Memo-Spiel Logo

You love to play the popular pairs card game where you have to find matching cards using your memory? Now, there is the app Build Your Own... Pairs for Windows 8. You can easily create and play your own pairs card game.

Take pictures of your beloved ones or your hobby with the camera or use all your pictures from your picture library. Your ideas are endless. And with just a couple of mouse clicks, you have your very own pairs card game. Your whole family will love it.

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08/20/2012 is certified for Windows Store Development

Since august 2012, Markus Bader is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer: Windows Store Apps. After being invited by Microsoft, he has proven his knowledge in all six exams long before the official start of these exams. Therefore, Microsoft honored him with the title Charter Member for Windows Store App Development.

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