Every child loves listening to children audiobooks, and with this app, listening becomes a special experience. The Storyteller app for Windows makes it very easy for young children to enjoy their favorite children audiobooks and serials.

The app uses large buttons and is optimized for the use via touch or mouse. The functions are kept simple that any child can handle it immediately. The audiobooks are displayed attractively as tiles with their covers. With one click you can set an audiobook as a favorite. And if you can't hear an audiobook to the end, the app automatically remembers the position where you left off, and at this position you can continue to listen later.

Storyteller for Windows is the app that fans of children audiobooks have waited for. Have fun!

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All your children audiobooks in one collection. Easy to use audiobook player, especially designed for younger children. Plays in background and under lock screen New: just setup folders and scan for audio books.


  • Very simple, intuitive use via mouse or touch.
  • Especially suitable for small children.
  • Surprise mode, let the app randomly decide what to play.
  • Remembers the last listened audio book and the position.
  • Access to all audio books in your media library.
  • Add as many children audio books and series as you want.
  • Mark your favorite children audio books.
  • Plays in background and under lock screen.

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